Income-Driven Repayment

Income-Driven Repayment Programs

The government has provided other options than the regular standard, graduated and extended repayment programs to allow borrowers to make payments more suitable to their income. These income-driven repayment programs allow you to adjust your student loan repayment terms based on your needs and situation.

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IDR Programs

There are a few different income-driven repayment programs for student loan borrowers.


Income-Based Repayment



Income-Contingent Repayment



Pay As You Earn Programs



Revised Pay As You Earn Programs


Income-Based Plans

This repayment plan caps the monthly payments to an amount that’s affordable to the borrower, taking the borrower’s monthly income and family size into account. This kind of payment plan requires the borrower to suffer from financial hardship.

Income-Contingent Plans

This plan is similar to the Income-based plans. The main difference is that the borrow does not need to face a financial hardship in order to qualify. The plan still takes family size and income into account.

Pay As You Earn Plans

In this kind of payment plan, the borrower makes flexible monthly payments based on their income and family size. In order to qualify, you must meet certain financial standards.

Revised Pay As You Earn

Revised Pay as You Earn was introduced to expand the PAYE type of plan to more borrowers. The key difference is that you do not need to suffer financial hardship and you can enter into this plan no matter when your loans were taken out.